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Agosto 12, 2008

We’re off for a week

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In a few days, we would be going on a vacation for a week. But before that…

1. The television just stopped functioning. We could here the voices but there’s no picture!

2. I went down to check if the washing machine is finished and the cellar was dark. There was no electricity. I called my husband and he instructed me what to do. It turned out that our washing machine went pfffttt and triggered the security plug to turn off.

3. Well, my husband has been telling me the whole last week that the washing machine would soon conk out, because the cycle was way too loud. He’s right. Oh, but the timing!

4. IC had a fever last Friday and MC’s turn was yesterday. Both girls are okay now, thank God.

I hope everything would turnout smoothly before our vacation! Oh, please…


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  1. Oh dear, may halong suspense ano pag may up coming na lakad? Hope the girls are fine now and enjoy the get away!

    Komento ni lovelyn — Agosto 12, 2008 @ 1:58 hapon | Sagutin

  2. oh now, what a disaster! well talk about if it rains it pours. nevetheless, at least it’s happening now than when you are on your break. Can you imagine coming home and opening the freezer and there wasn’t any electricity for a week . ew!! and MC getting sick in that vacation paradise?!

    Komento ni Vlado&Toni — Agosto 12, 2008 @ 9:32 hapon | Sagutin

  3. lovelyn – excited na rin ako! cant wait. and yes, the girls are fit again.

    toni – whew, am praying everything would be great out there. we’ll be off soon 😀

    Komento ni raqgold — Agosto 14, 2008 @ 12:22 hapon | Sagutin

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