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Pebrero 23, 2010

I want to be Flawless, too

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Hang on, Kengkay would be posting something in English just because I want to be classified as Flawless.

I didnt know how I missed this, the Picture Flawless Campaign. I could have been one of the 23 Flawless finalists, ehem 😀

After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, read on if you agree!

I insist to be Flawless, therefore, I know that Flawless is an aesthetic beauty clinic with thirty two branches nationwide that underwent massive re-branding.

In 2001, the clinic envisioned superior and medically-supervised skin care treatment across all market segments at an affordable price. More than eight years later, Flawless reigns as the beauty solution for many women and men who value both their time and their money. And I follow such principle, promise!

Anyway, going back to the Picture Flawless campaign, Robert de Claro and Julieanne Arceno won! They are now the new faces of Flawless. They received a year-long endorsement contract, the billboard and Php800,000 in cash each.

Aris Corrales and Doris Cheong were first runner-up while Rafael Nanquil and Abigael Arazo came as second runner-up.

The Forever Flawless Face and Body Center held the Picture Flawless search at the Eivissa Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City. Bravo Ristorante Italianno provided sumptious buffet.

Hosted by Butch Francisco and Tess Bomb, it was fully packed with Flawless celebrity endorsers including Lorna Tolentino, Alyssa Alano and the newest flawless faces, Robert de Claro and Julieanne Arcenio.

Flawless awarded the following runners up with special prizes: Flawlessly Photogenic Apple Seva, whose common sense and bubbly personality quickly made her a crowd favourite; Forever Flawless Jenny Regaspi, a loyal Flawless patron and mother; Flawless Beauty Bod Trina Espia from Iloilo, a determined and beautiful woman; Flawlessly Witty Keina Fawaz, a gem with a big sense of humour, and plenty of intelligence and affection; Flawless Personality awardee Johnru Villamor, whose loyalty integrity, sincerity, and genuine concern for others endeared him to all; Flawless Sweetheart Serafin Letim of Cebu, a thoughtful and generous example of southern hospitality; finally the second runners up, Abigael Arazo and Rafael Nanquil and first runners up Doris Cheong and Aristotle Corrales for their tenacity, verve, and exemplifying Flawless values through and through.

“All of the Picture Flawless contestants were SO flawless,” exclaimed Rubby Sy, CEO of Flawless. When asked if the Flawless Aesthetic Clinic’s services and products contributed to the flawlessness of the contestants, she replied, “We were only too happy to help bring out their inner flawlessness.”

Just writing this post makes me feel so Flawless already, what about you?


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