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Agosto 7, 2012

LBC accepting donations for flood victims

LBC branches will serve as drop-off centers for Philippine Red Cross. You may take your donations for flood victims to the nearest LBC branch starting August 8.

Most needed are blankets, water, milk, easy-to-eat foods like biscuits, rice, baby diapers, sanitary pads, garbage bags, mats/banigs, undies, slippers, toiletries. Pls. make sure these are properly labeled as donations and we will make sure these are sent immediately to the Red Cross and to their evacuation centers.

PLEASE don’t use plastic bags, instead use a blanket, towel or old shirt to tie-up and carry your donations. Thank you..

and please don’t forget your pets…

Be safe Pinas!

my girls, the little kengkays, are knocking on our neighbors doors, asking for donations for flood victims — they have offered their savings to pay for the first balikbayan box. since they are knocking on doors for hours now, one balikbayan box is not enough. would you help them fund the other balikbayan boxes? they need 200 euros more. thanks. here’s the link to donate:


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  1. UP Diliman – Now accept donations. They’re also on the look-out for volunteers. Contact the USC-UPD or the college councils (09277571005 or 09065701029), according to USC-UPC Chairperson Heart Dino.

    Komento ni silver price — Agosto 29, 2012 @ 11:58 hapon | Sagutin

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