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Nobyembre 18, 2012

Modus Operandi in Women’s Public Toilets

got this from Facebook, true story so be careful, ladies!!!
Last Sunday around 9PM I entered one of the cubicles of SM Mall Of Asia Second Floor Entertainment Mall (beside Italianni’s).  While inside, I put my bag on top of the shelf (see attached picture of the actual cubicle) thinking it will be safer there since the shelf as you can see is quite far from any other person who isn’t inside the cubicle. 
I’ve heard about reports where people snatch your bags while inside the cubicle from the floor and from the hooks so I opted for this back shelf.   Since women squat and not actually sit on public toilets, that shelf along with my bag was quite far from my back so I could not have felt the bag move. 
After zipping my shorts, I turn around to reach my bag and lo and behold it was gone.  Because of the absurdity of someone being able to reach my bag, my initial thought was “Did I even bring it?”. 
I ran out of the cubicle spoke to the housekeeping girl and said did you see anyone running with a gray bag just now?  I lost my bag!  She immediately brought me to the cubicle beside where I came from and said “Mam, ito po ba bag nyo?”. 
At that point, I knew someone stole my bag because the thief had left me another bag on the floor with some ID’s of different women, a screwdriver and some other random stuff.  She had been waiting inside the cubicle beside mine and somehow was able to fish my bag from there. 
I read that this is what they do to distract you-  it worked as it took me a few seconds before I ran back to where my husband and his cousins where eating to report that someone had “fished” and stolen my bag.
Using another Iphone, we logged on to my appleID and was immediately able to track my phone.  It was just about 5-10mins already from the time I realized my bag was stolen.  The thief was moving quickly from Macapagal avenue towards Malate area. 
Since they moved so fast, we assumed that there probably was someone in a motorcycle waiting outside already for a quick get-away.  What happened during our chase up until the thief’s house is a much longer story which I already touched on in my previous post.  For now, I just want to warn you on exactly how my bag was stolen.
An NBI agent and I went back to the scene of the crime a few days after.  That’s when we took this picture.  We even stood up on top of the toilet to see how they could have possibly done it— they definitely had some form of hook to be able to do it probably with a mirror. 
They also had to step on the shelf which was higher than the toilet bowl to be able to see the cubicle where I was or probably the thief was tall—definitely taller than me around 5’5″ maybe. At the moment, we are still waiting for MOA to take action and allow us to view the cctv in front of Italianni’s. 
To be honest, their lack of sense of urgency is very disappointing. They should be embarrassed that the people helping us are from AYALA and not even SM.  We keep calling their security office and Customer Relations Service Center which they keep saying handles these things but to no avail. 
Their head is always out and nobody from their office has any updates for us.  They say they are already undergoing investigations but the NBI agent spoke to the cleaning lady who was there when that happened and the cleaning lady said no one from SM has spoken to her yet and gotten her statement.  
Will update you guys on further developments but so far, with the help of NBI and AYALA security -things are looking positive.  We have already recovered an item from those stolen from me.  Don’t want to share it yet on how and what was recovered until the case is closed. Hope this helps you guys and I surely hope this will not happen to any of you.
mag-ingat at para huwag mangyari ito sa inyo, mga ladies… ganito:

1. yakapin ang inyong bag kahit na hindi komportable ito habang asa toilet, e ilang minuto lang naman tapos na (at least ang bag ninyo super safe)
2. kung may kasama kayo na hindi gagamit ng toilet, ipahawak sa kasama ninyo ang inyong bag at siguraduhong hindi eng-eng yung kasama ninyo (alam nyo yun, yung iba kasing kasama minsan iniiwan lang din na nakahambalang yung bag na pinababantayan, edi wala din di ba?)
3. at kung kailangan ding magtoilet ng inyong kasama, magtabi kayo ng gagamiting toilet at siyempre, yakapin pa rin ang inyong bag.
4. gumamit lang ng public toilet kung kailangan talaga, kaming pamilya ganyan. maarte kasi itong mga little kengkays, kaya bago kami umalis ng bahay, gawin na ang mga dapat gawin sa toilet para hindi na mag stop over sa mga public toilets.
5. at hindi lang sa loob ng toilet, kundi pati sa hugasan ng kamay, andyan din ang malikot na kamay. ilang kaibigan ko na ang nanakawan dahil pinatong nila ang bag nila sa may hugasan ng kamay, e ang daming naghuhugas ng kamay, sa sobrang dami, di nya napansin na wala na ang wallet nya.
nga pala, ako, kapag nagpupunta sa mga shopping center sa pinas, isang maliit na bag lang ang dala ko na nakapulupot sa leeg ko, andun pitaka ko at celfon at super ipit ko pa yon sa kili-kili ko kapag maraming tao. kapag kasama ko mga little kengkays, sasabihin ko sa kanila na pagitnaan ako para bantayan ang bag ko, ready naman sila.
kung may dala man akong malaking bag, yung natitiklop. minsan kasi, bag pa lang, puntirya na agad ng mga hunghang e.
masaya na ako na ang mga bags ko na feeling ko ay super ganda ay nakatago sa bahay, weeeee 🙂 para daw meron akong ganong bag oh!
pero seryus, ingat talaga kayo! kahit saan man….

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  1. Nabasa ko to sa Facebook, mami! Grabe talaga!

    BTW me bago po akong blogsite wehe

    Komento ni joycee — Nobyembre 21, 2012 @ 7:46 umaga | Sagutin

  2. a must read para sa lahat ng kababaihan …

    Komento ni bagotilyo — Nobyembre 21, 2012 @ 8:16 umaga | Sagutin

  3. Sobra na ang mga kawatan ngayon, walang pili, kahit saan na lang. We all should be aware of what is happening around us. Be careful!

    Komento ni sheng — Nobyembre 24, 2012 @ 8:19 umaga | Sagutin

  4. radio stations….pulos love songs, wala nang iba?. . billboards….pulos mga hubo’t hubad . . TV….telenobelas’ and talkshows click na click . . letters of help, i even read/heard some like….”DEAR TIYA , KABEBREAK-UP KO LANG SA BOYFRIEND NA TWO YEARS AND ONE MONTH….AT KASASAGOT KO LANG SA BAGO KONG BF, NA TWO WEEKS PALANG NA MAG-KASAMA, ANUNG ADVISE MO, PARA MA-INLOVE LALO PA AKO SA KANYA”. . friendster comments in some pages…..i even read…”HI THERE IM STILL YOUNG, UHMM WHo IS YOUR IDEAL LOVE jejejejeje?” . . . . i mean…why is it, they talk about love here almost all the time?…… visit to watch pinoy tv shows

    Komento ni Jeri — Nobyembre 24, 2012 @ 5:11 hapon | Sagutin

  5. grabe na ang ginagawa para makapang-isa sa kapwa.. tsk… mag-ingat tayong lahat..

    Komento ni potsquared — Nobyembre 29, 2012 @ 12:46 hapon | Sagutin

  6. grabe naman yang mag manduruks! ingat -ingat na lang talaga sa mga kabagayan dahil kahit panghe at bantot, wala na silang paki. go lang ng go sa pagbanat.

    Komento ni hitokirihoshi — Disyembre 12, 2012 @ 8:05 umaga | Sagutin

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