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Abril 30, 2013

In Marikina, the poor people are banned from owning pets?

From the FB wall of PAWS: Philippine Animal Welfare Society…


There is a place in the Marikina City Pound designated for dogs collected from Resettlement Areas. “Resettlement Areas” are simply areas where you cannot own pets under a local Ordinance No. 13.

Should a pet dog or cat be relinquished by their owners or taken from their owners (who give them up out of fear of being prosecuted by the City), the dogs end up in a section of the pound where they cannot be rehomed or adopted.

Dogs like DOG #119 (see photo) who were caught from the Resettlement Area have no hope of ever being adopted. It does not matter if a good family wants to adopt him. He will be euthanized.

Dr Manuel “Bobot” Carlos, City Veterinarian, believes that the said dogs will end up being re-claimed by their families from Resettlement Areas so he is not taking any chances with the adoptions. No dogs will be adopted here.

Perhaps it is just easier to euthanize than to do proper screening. Perhaps it is easier to ban pet ownership altogether than to enforce rules on responsible pet ownership.

DOG#119 will lose his life because people have chosen what is easy over what is right.


1)Write to:
Dr Manuel “Bobot” Carlos at
Mayor Del De Guzman – message him on Facebook: “Mayor Del De Guzman”

2) Call:
Atty Florelia B. Almarez – Tel 646-6517
Dr Alberto P. Herrera – Tel 942-2339
Dr. Manuel Carlos 475-4719
Mr. Arvin A Santos -646-2317

Tell them that Resettlement Dogs deserve every chance that other pound dogs have: the chance to be adopted. Urge the City Veterinarian’s Office to exert extra effort in screening adoption applicants but not to ban adoptions the way they have banned pet ownership for the poor people of Marikina. If other people can give these dogs homes, then they should not be prevented from applying for adoption.


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