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Hunyo 9, 2013

do you monitor your kids while they watch tv?

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Are you particular with what your kids are watching on television?

I remember back when my youngest daughter was only seven-years-old, and we were watching television together with her older sister, her reaction when the leading man kissed the leading lady and she told me in a stage-whisper, ‘Mama, cover your eyes, they are kissing!’

That really made me laugh and yes, we all covered our eyes, and she covered her eyes, too.

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  1. Let’s greet our host:
    Happy 10th Birthday, WordPress !

    Komento ni doroastig — Hunyo 14, 2013 @ 5:46 umaga | Sagutin

  2. wala pa akong kids pero may pamangkin ako na ganyan din at minsan tinatanong nya rin ako. i can’t watch with her all the time pero i try my best to answer her questions. in subtle way, i’m also educating her about reproductive health.

    Komento ni hoshi — Hulyo 6, 2013 @ 2:31 hapon | Sagutin

    • clap, clap to you hoshi! daming tanong yang mga bata kahit na tahimik na nanonood ng tv yan, kaya mas okay kung may makakausap agad sya. dyan nagsisimula ang nightmares kapag hindi nila masabi o matanong yung mga asa utak nila after watching tv.

      Komento ni kengkay — Hulyo 10, 2013 @ 10:35 umaga | Sagutin

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