Kwentong Kengkay

Agosto 17, 2013

Martsa sa Luneta: Itigil ang pork barrel system


Sabi nga ni Reyna Elena:

“In my eyes, all of them are corrupt, suckers of all our taxes, repackaged in different forms called grants, loans, program funds, project disbursements, and even PDAF. It wears me out. Don’t even convince me that having a “name” is an excuse slip.

Scrap Congress. Scrap Senate. Scrap… hhmm.. yes. All. COA too! The rubber stamp department. They’re all useless. Yet, we’re damn sure they’re not going to legislate themselves to oblivion! How could they? PDAF is such a huge amount to legally steal!

So, why march?! Because this is all that we can do to vent our outrage.

Don’t make baboy. Let’s make baka!!!”


Pwede namang gamitin ang pera para sa benepisyo ng lahat, bakit kailangang ilagak sa mga gahamang iilan? Wake up, people of the Philippines. Enough is enough!


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