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Mayo 28, 2014

You’re Hired: Job Scams and Other First Job Experiences

I remember the first time I heard those beautiful words ‘You’re Hired’ when I was in my last months in the university.

I cannot remember anymore how I ended up applying for the job as a freelance entertainment writer for a really new tabloid newspaper, but I did and I got the job, too. My first assignment was to interview Francis Magalona. Or it could be that I got the job because I already have access to showbiz people as I was already doing on-the-job training at Channel 13 that time?

The memories may have faded but I still can relive how it felt when ‘You’re hired’ was said to me. It was a combination of utter excitement and yet it seemed unbelievable, too. I think I floated in the air for hours, with a big smile on my face.

The next big thing came when my first article was published and I saw my name in the newspaper, with the tag ‘Entertainment Writer.’ Never mind that another college friend and I shared the byline. My byline is in print! I am sure I pumped my fists in the air and made the victory dance.

Of course, another highlight came afterwards: receiving the first salary from my first job. The call came first, informing us that there’s money waiting for us in the accounting department. Nervous with excitement, my co-writer and I rode the jeep from our university to the tabloid’s office. We were directed to the right room and each of us were handed a long, brown envelope with our names on it. We were on cloud 9!

We didn’t forget to pass by our entertainment editor’s office to thank him for giving us the opportunity to work for him, even as we asked for new assignments, too. Sadly, the newspaper didn’t last long. It did not even wait until our graduation a few months after to fold up. But to this day, I have kept that piece of article that made me confident I chose the right college degree as I enjoyed writing and researching for articles.

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Mayo 5, 2014

Teen-age Telephonism

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Ang mga little kengkays, hindi na sila little 🙂

Kalahating oras, isang oras, dalawang oras, tatlong oras, apat na oras o isang buong araw? Ilang oras pwedeng gumamit ng telepono ang mga kabataan ngayon?

Ano ang maipapayo ninyo?

Ang aking panganay ay malapit ng maging teen-ager. Ngayon ay 12-year-old na sya. Ibig sabihin, bago matapos ang taon ay pwede na syang i-declare na teen dahil nitong Disyembre ay thirteen na sya.

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Abril 7, 2014

It’s good to be good, nice to be nice — even on Facebook

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Are you naughty or nice in Facebook?
You know, it’s not only during Christmas season that we are supposed to be nice to each other, with each other, around each other.
In my humble opinion, it would be a better world if we stay as nice as possible, every minute of the day, to each other.
And people, let’s start being nice in Facebook, most specifically.
Okay, I accept that there are times that some wall posts make Facebook a really strange and confusing world.
(I am being nice and skipping those not so pretty words to describe the angst and anger and alibis scattered around the walls.)
But you see, there are so many people in Facebook. Those people could just be anywhere in the world. Those people have their own lives, with an assortment of friends and families and jobs. Those people have their own hobbies, their own likes and dislikes, their very own world. And all of them use the same social media walls to to express, inform, vent.

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Marso 26, 2014

Compulsive Hoarder ka ba?

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There was a time I almost ended up a compulsive hoarder.

I really thought I was just a compulsive shopper.

It started with checking out all the offers in e-bay. I would end up snatching up those last minute auctions that go for an euro each. There would be baby items, clothes, shoes, bags, toys, books, whatever article I think would be useful at that time, though I also considered things that might be of use someday. When in truth, it was only a game of winning and yes, greed, too.

Not only that, I would also browse through the local newspapers browsing flea marketschedules. I would drag my husband for an early visit and I would end up with knick-knacks that I would end up using for a time or not at all.

I also checked out the newspaper inserts for possible freebies coming from people who are moving houses or doing spring cleaning or just getting rid of things. I am glad now that I wasn’t able to convince my husband to drive me to pick up furniture pieces and boxes of mysterious ‘pretty’ things.

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Pebrero 6, 2014

DIY: Treasures in a Jar

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There are many ways to save and yet share your blessings and not just during special days. Let me tell you about what I call treasures in a jar.
It all started with my beloved parents- in-law. They used to have hundreds of jars in their cellar, not all of them empty.
You see, both of them loved marmalade. Both of them loved homemade marmalade most. And since they have a big garden filled with fruit-bearing trees, they used to get busy during summer time, making their very own fruity marmalade.
The end flavor would depend on the harvested fruit that summer. There would always be strawberry, peach, apple, plum, rhubarb, currants, blueberry, blackberry, cherries, etc. Most of the time, they would combine one or two or more flavors; sometimes they would add wine, too.
You would never know what to expect inside those marmalade jars, despite those simple white labels that mentioned the main ingredient. That is why we cannot wait to twist open the jar’s top to know the surprising ingredient or ingredients that made them something to look forward to.

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