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Abril 7, 2014

It’s good to be good, nice to be nice — even on Facebook

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Are you naughty or nice in Facebook?
You know, it’s not only during Christmas season that we are supposed to be nice to each other, with each other, around each other.
In my humble opinion, it would be a better world if we stay as nice as possible, every minute of the day, to each other.
And people, let’s start being nice in Facebook, most specifically.
Okay, I accept that there are times that some wall posts make Facebook a really strange and confusing world.
(I am being nice and skipping those not so pretty words to describe the angst and anger and alibis scattered around the walls.)
But you see, there are so many people in Facebook. Those people could just be anywhere in the world. Those people have their own lives, with an assortment of friends and families and jobs. Those people have their own hobbies, their own likes and dislikes, their very own world. And all of them use the same social media walls to to express, inform, vent.

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